Do you know all the things your handyman hates?

Every home has its share of odd jobs that never seem to get finished, whether that’s setting up a television or assembling your new flat pack furniture (this is why you need a professional for that!). If that’s because you lack the time, knowledge, or simply the effort to carry out the work yourself, hiring a handyman is a great way of getting the job done.

However, inviting a professional into your home to carry out much-needed work can be fraught with all manner of do’s and don’ts that may land you on the wrong side of your handyman. So here at Homyze we’ve put together our detailed guide on 10 Things You Do That Your Handyman Hates! to help avoid any such unfortunate incidents the next time you hire a handyman.

1. Pets- keep them away

Yes, your loveable pet may be the cutest thing on the planet and your handyman may even think so too, but the last thing they want is to be slobbered on while trying to put together your new furniture. So when it comes for your handyman to get on with the work, the last thing he wants is to be pestered by a playful pooch.This is what a pet or pets looks like - things your handyman hates

The best advice for keeping your handyman happy is to simply keep your pets away, whether that’s in another room, at a family or friend’s home, or even on a very long walk.

Letting your handyman get on with their work without disruption will lead to a quicker finish and allow them to hurry off to their next job without delay.


2. Telling your handyman how to do their job

This perhaps applies to everyone out there in a work environment, but there is nothing quite as annoying as being told you’re doing the job wrong, yet it’s still something many handymen still have to face. Telling them that a certain pipe won’t fit or that you wouldn’t recommend starting by organising the screws is one of the things your handyman hates and will do little but annoy him.

So if you can’t help but critique your handyman and the work they are undertaking, the best thing you can do is to simply let them get on with it without hovering over them. Don’t forget, this is your handyman’s livelihood and they will certainly have the experience and know-how to do a thorough job.

3. Changing your mind halfway through

You hire someone to paint your bathroom a lime green before suddenly changing your mind that maybe navy blue would look better. Fair enough, we all change our minds, but it’s not alright if your handyman has already picked up the paints, applied a base coat and finished the first wall.

This is what a brush looks like - things your handyman hatesHaving to start over will obviously eat up more of your handyman’s precious time, which could be spent on another job. This extra time may also mean your handyman has to leave the job half finished, returning at a later date to finish it off, which will invariably cost your handyman more time and money in travelling.

Whenever hiring a handyman or any other professional, you need to be 100% certain that the work you are hiring them for is exactly what you desire.


4. Not fully explaining the work

Give your handyman a specific job list so they know how to price - things your handyman hatesBefore hiring a handyman to come over to your house to carry out any work, you are obviously going to let them know what it is that needs doing. Simply stating you have a garden that needs mowing is much too vague for a handyman to get a proper sense of the work in hand. Instead, let them know the size of your garden even if it’s not exact and whether it’s been mown recently or is completely overgrown.

Letting your handyman know not just what the work is but the scope of it will allow them to get a better idea of the work that needs carrying out and the length of time it will take. This will more likely lead to your handyman being able to give you a more accurate estimate for the job.


5. Being out when they call

This is what a doorknob looks like - things your handyman hatesWe all lead busy lives and it’s one of the main reasons for calling a handyman out to your home. However, being AWOL when your handyman calls can be extremely annoying and goes a long way to getting off on the wrong foot.

Agreeing on a specific time with your handyman to come over and leaving that general time free will ensure you don’t receive any awkward calls enquiring where you are.


6. Difficult payers

Finding itself at the top of many a handyman’s hates, difficulties over payment can be an incredibly frustrating and arduous experience, and will most likely put your handyman off carrying out any further work for you.

Key to this is making sure that everything is set out and agreed upon before the work begins. Once the work required has been complete, always make sure to pay as promptly as possible and within the set timeframe. The last thing your handyman wants is to be wasting time chasing due payments.


7. Pestering homeowners

Repeatedly pestering with questions or constantly hovering can be quite an annoyance for anyone trying to get work done, not least for your handyman. And while most handymen will be more than happy to answer your questions or guide you through what they are doing, this extra time is more than likely eating into time that could be on another job.

If you do have questions for your handyman while they are working, try to keep them brief and to a minimum, as no handyman wants to spend half an hour detailing every last part of the job they’ve just done.


8. Cleaning another’s messy mistake

No one enjoys having to clean, especially if it waThis is what paint tins look like - things your handyman hatessn’t your mess in the first place, and the same very much goes for handymen.

While handymen accept that part of their job is often saving half finished assembly furniture or a botched paint job, they do expect at least some attempt at a clean area to start. If your handyman has to clean up strewn debris and half empty paint cans before they even start, then it’s likely they won’t want to return for further work.


9. Impolite homeowners

Being polite should really be a given, but handymen do sometimes find themselves at the mercy of those unable to say ‘hello’ or ‘thank you.’ As in day-to-day life, being polite can go a long way. Don’t forget, uncomfortable work environments will less likely see your handyman stay that little later or return as soon as possible to get the work completed.


10. Forgetting to ask if they fancy a brew

This is what a cup of tea looks like - things your handyman hatesAn absolute sin when inviting any tradesman into your home is forgetting to offer them a cuppa.

OK, it’s not the worse thing you can do and in no way should you feel obliged into offering your handyman a tea or coffee, but a simple gesture can often go a long way. Getting off on the right foot will put your handyman more at ease, and if he enjoys working for you then they are more likely to take any further work you may have to offer.


In summary

Hiring a handyman can be a great way of getting that extra bit of help around the house. However, inviting someone into your home to carry out work can be ripe for awkward situations, but you shouldn’t worry. A simple bit of know-how on what your handyman expects and what to avoid can go a long way to avoiding any awkward upsets.

So next time you need a handyman, whether that’s to assemble some flat pack furniture or paint a recently refurbished room, hiring a professional from Homyze can be a great way of guaranteeing your work is completed by a fully vetted professional.