10 tips when updating your bathroom

Renovations are hard work, and none more so than a bathroom renovation. But starting a project prepared and aware of the many pitfalls you may face can go a long way to avoiding any costly mistakes. You might also want to check out the Homyze guide on ‘How to Plumb a Bathroom‘. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

So whether it’s a small under the stairs bathroom or one big enough to fit both a separate shower and bathtub, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your bathroom renovation.


1) Be prepared

A key tip that we like to hammer on about, but one that’s always so important, is to be prepared for the work you have planned. Every last detail of your project needs to be considered and accounted for as ignoring these issues at the start will likely come back as bigger problems later on.

Speaking to and working with an architect beforehand may seem likely a rather costly exercise, and perhaps a large chunk of your budget, but the advice and guidance is very often worth it. Building up a plan will allow for a project that’s on time and within budget, while decreasing the chances for things to go wrong. They can also give you an idea of the plumbing and electrical issues (and potentially building control requirements) to make sure you don’t have to undo any of your hard work!


This is what a bathroom looks like - 10 tips when updating your bathroom

2) Lighting

Adding a couple of extra lights and being smart with positioning within your bathroom will not only allow you to get a better look at yourself when carrying out various hygiene duties, but it will also help bring the room and its many features alive.


3) Budget

Your bathroom budget is one of the most important parts of your project and can be the deciding factor when it comes to what renovation work you can actually carry out.  Alongside preparing for the upcoming work, setting out your budget in terms of costs for materials, hiring a tradesman and a skip, and keeping aside some money in case things go wrong will help avoid any unfortunate problems and is one of the best tips when updating your bathroom.

This is what a bathroom looks like- 10 tips when updating your bathroom

4) Avoid moving around plumbing

Moving the plumbing around can be one of the trickier and more expensive parts of carrying out a bathroom renovation. But by simply keeping your toilet and other utilities in their original place, you can help save yourself a lot of unnecessary trouble and it’s one of our top tips when updating your bathroom.


5) Create space with mirrors

Every bathroom has a mirror or two for help applying makeup, shaving or simply keeping on top of our hygiene (or making sure we don’t have something stuck in our teeth!).

However, more than this, a strategically placed mirror can be an excellent way of creating the impression of space within your bathroom.

This is what a bathroom looks like - 10 tips when updating your bathroom

6) Be smart with your flooring choice

When it comes to flooring, there’s an abundance of choice; from stylish stone and laminate wood, to comforting carpet and practical cork, whatever your needs (and budget), there will be an option available.

Though keep in mind that without proper research beforehand, you may end up with the wrong floor for dealing with a busy bathroom. Typically, bathrooms see more than their fair share of water spillages, so making sure your floor is waterproof should be high up on your list of priorities. Floor types such as rubber, cork and linoleum are all great choices as while they are relatively water resistant, they are also great at stopping the growth of mold.

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7) Replace only the essentials

When renovating a bathroom many will go right ahead and rip out all the utilities, but checking to see the condition of your toilet, bathtub and shower can be well worth doing. If these utilities are still in good condition, simply replacing exterior parts, such as doors on a shower or a seat on a toilet, can be a great way of saving an extra bit of cash.

This is what a bathroom looks like - 10 tips when updating your bathroom

8) Make an impact with paint

It’s often under-appreciated how much of a difference a straightforward paint job can make to a room. Choosing the right colour to compliment your bathroom can really help bring out the room’s other features such as its fittings and utilities. It’s also worth keeping in mind that lighter shades, such as cream, are the perfect option for small bathrooms as they can often help create the impression of space.


9) Update fixtures

Simple, straightforward and affordable, replacing old fixtures such as door handles, shower heads and basin taps are an easy way of bringing an updated style to an outdated bathroom for only a fraction of the cost.

This is what a bathroom looks like - 10 tips when updating your bathroom

10) Smart Storage

With space often being tight within a bathroom, managing to fit in storage too can be a bit of a squeeze. Spaces such as under the sink can be a great way of creating that extra room without taking up an area that could otherwise be used for something else. This will also allow you to hide any unsightly plumbing there may be below your sink too.

Another great option when it comes to creating storage is to use open shelves, as this helps create the illusion of space that you would lose with cupboards. You will also find that shelves are easier to install and cheaper too, which only helps their cause in being considered for your bathroom renovation.

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In Summary

Renovating a bathroom can be a tricky and time-consuming project that is full of opportunities for things to go wrong. However, with the right knowledge and a few money saving ideas, you can comfortably make a success out of any bathroom renovation project.

Whatever you need help with, no job is too big or too small for our handpicked tradesmen. Available when you need them, you can book a HOMYZE tradesman through simply our app, website, or over the phone.

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