Home improvement ideas to refresh your house

Over time parts of the family home can often find themselves slowly sinking into dull, neglected and unloved territory for one reason or another. However, this need not be the way, as simply fixing, replacing or adding new pieces to your home can go a long way to making a world of difference. Here is a little help from your Homyze to ponder some quick wins when it comes to home improvement.

So whether it’s repainting a drab room or simply updating your door handles, our 20 home improvement ideas to refresh your house can go a long way.

1) Repaint

This is what a paint roller looks like - home improvement ideas to refresh your houseNice and straightforward, but a fresh lick of paint can make all the difference to a neglected room. A new coat will help to create a clean and modern look (dependant on the colour!) and is often a fairly cheap method of bringing a room to life. 

Having said this, painting does tend to take longer than most people think and there is a world of difference between good and bad paint jobs, so please don’t take it on unless you have the time and patience to do the work required. It is still, however, often the ‘biggest bang for your buck’ in bringing some new life into your home.

If you need some help with painting, remember to check out the Homyze guide ‘How to Paint a Room Like a Homyze Pro

2) Save energy in style

Replacing those outdated light bulbs with modern, energy saving ones can be a great way to help cut costs in the future. These new bulbs will also add a cleaner, warmer glow to rooms that will make them a much more welcoming proposition.

While replacing older windows with more energy efficient ones is another great way of making your home’s light source a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

3) Breathe new life into your garden

This is what a garden looks like - home improvement ideas to refresh your houseWhilst strictly not a home improvement, the garden is a big area of opportunity. Injecting life into your garden can be as simple as attracting a bit of your local fauna. Simple things such as hanging a bird feeder or planting flowers to attract insects, such as butterflies and bees, will soon have your garden buzzing with life.

The more adventurous (and those with room to spare) may want to look into building a pond to not only draw in wildlife but to also add an attractive water feature to create a focal point within your garden.

4) Replace old flooring

When it comes to home improvement ideas to refresh your house, flooring is one main thing to think of. Whether it’s a faded carpet or scuffed and scratched wooden boards, nothing quite shows your home’s day-to-day wear and tear like its flooring. Replacing this often-overlooked part of the home can be a great way of transforming a room, and with options such as underfloor heating, it can also be a great way of adding more than just a new look.

5) Remove unwanted holes

From repeatedly swinging door handles to crumbling cracks from now-removed nails, unsightly cracks are a common occurrence for many around the home. While these holes can often be ignored, the ease with which they can be fixed means that they really shouldn’t be. Simply using filler and a putty knife, smaller holes around the home can quickly be patched, and while larger holes may take a little more work, they too can soon be fixed. Our guide on How to Repair or Install Bathroom Drywall offers all you could ever need to know for fixing your home’s unattractive holes.

6) De-clutter

Maybe the simplest and most cathartic of home improvement options and it may be a rather obvious one, but nothing quite improves a home like getting rid of the clutter. Throwing away those things that you really don’t need anymore can help create much more space and less mess within your home. While for the things that you do keep…

This is what storage looks like home improvement ideas to refresh your house

7) Smart storage

Yes, de-cluttering your home is all well and good, but where are you going to put all those items you barely use but can’t bear to part with. The answer lies in investing in some storage, as not only does it allow you to keep household items in check, it’s also a great way of adding a bit of style to a room.

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8) Improve the air your breathe

When we speak of home improvement, something that perhaps doesn’t get the attention it deserves when it comes to the home is the condition of its air. There are many things that can affect the air quality in the home, from bathroom mould to dust and allergens within older carpets, which in the long run can lead to all kinds of health issues.

Improvements like replacing older carpets or simply having them regularly cleaned can go a long way to improving the condition of your home’s air. While making sure rooms are properly ventilated and dry will also help.

Installing a ceiling fan is a great way of helping to regulate airflow around a room, while at the same time adding a bit of style, and saving money compared to the cost of regularly using an air conditioning unit.

9) Replace old shower heads

This is what a shower head looks like home improvement ideas to refresh your houseAnother simple and straightforward task to carry out when thinking about home improvement ideas to refresh your house is replacing a shower head. Doing so will allow you to enjoy a much-improved water flow while also saving money on your water bill.

The only potential downside … your water consumption might go up slightly as it is more difficult to get out … particularly on those wintry days!

10) Put down some paving

Putting down paving in your garden can be a great way of creating borders and giving a garden a more defined look. And with a variety of different styles and methods for laying paving, the opportunity to show off your garden’s creative side has never been easier.

For further advice on adding a path to your garden, check out The Brick Pavers Guide on How To Lay Paving for a number of tips and ideas.

11) Install tiling

New tiling is a classic home improvement option. Whether in your bathroom or kitchen, adding tiling is one of the best ways of bringing colour and texture into your home. And with a wealth of options available, it’s fairly straightforward to find the right tiles to perfectly fit in with the rest of your home’s style.

12) Change your entrance

This is what an entrance looks like home improvement ideas to refresh your houseThey say first impressions are often correct, and if true, the front of your house will speak for the rest of your home.

One great way of making sure guests and neighbours (or buyers) are suitably impressed, is to add a lick of paint or install modern windows into your front door. A new door can help create the impression that character runs throughout the rest of your home while giving a hint of the style within.

Meanwhile, for those less adventurous, adding a couple of flower pots or hanging baskets to the front of your home can help add colour as well as offering uniqueness to help your home stand out from neighbours.

13) Update fixtures

From key holders to shoe racks, each and every home is filled with those small features that are there to make our every day lives that little bit easier. However, we can quickly forget how unstylish these become as they age and don’t keep up with the changes in the rest of the home. Simply replacing these handy household items can go a long way to adding that extra bit of flair to fit in with the rest of your home.

14) Add some mirrors

This is what mirrors look like home improvement ideas to refresh your houseNothing quite creates the impression of space like a few well-positioned mirrors. Strategically placed opposite windows, mirrors will also allow for more natural light to filter into rooms, the perfect alternative to installing costly windows or skylights in dark rooms.

15) Pick and choose your furniture

Replacing a room’s furniture can be a pricey affair and even more so if you plan on changing the rest of the room to fit. Rather than splashing out on an entire three-piece suite, find an item or two that compliments your pre-existing furniture while bringing something new to the room.

16) Complete those unfinished projects

From half painted downstairs bathrooms to unfinished flat pack furniture, it goes without saying that every home has its fair share of unfinished projects. Getting around to completing these jobs will not only refresh the room as you originally intended but will also go some way to ticking things off that often avoided to-do list. Though if you can’t find the time or lack the effort to carry out these jobs yourself, our handy guide on ‘How to Find the Best Local Tradesmen‘ will help in finding the right professional for the job.

17) Add a rug

Nothing quite pulls a room together like a well-chosen rug, and the warmth and comfort it brings can turn any room into a much cosier environment. Available in all shapes and styles, and with options available for every budget, adding a rug is perhaps the easiest way of refreshing an often-overlooked room.

This is what a rug looks like home improvement ideas to refresh your house

18) Add an eye-catching piece or two

Whether it’s an ostentatious table lamp or a quirky kitchen clock, adding an eye-catching item or two to your home can help draw attention from the rest of a room, while also giving guests a suitable talking point. And if you choose these pieces well, this investment in home improvement can be used for more than one home!

19) Statement headboards

Carefully blending simplicity with an extravagant piece or two is often the best way of showing off a room, and nothing quite stands out in a bedroom like a statement headboard. A bold choice above your bed such as a headboard can be a great way of adding style and a focal point to a bedroom, while also allowing you to get those creative juices flowing with designs and colours.

20) Replace old curtains

hoOften ignored and unloved, curtains are often the last thing to be updated when redesigning a room. However, replacing them can make a big difference. Blinds also make a simple, yet up-to-date alternative to curtains that will blend in with almost all modern households.

The same can be said for your cushions. Simply replacing outdated covers with more stylish and modern alternatives can be a great way of making a noticeable change in the home without the high costs.

In summary

When it comes to home improvement ideas to refresh your house, you’re spoilt for choice with the array of opportunities and all simply by carrying out a few of small jobs.

Whatever you need help with, no job is too big or too small for our handpicked tradesman. Whether it is home improvement or home maintenance, your Homyze are available when you need them. You can book a Homyze tradesman through simply our app, website, or over the phone.