Is your bathroom a storage nightmare? Are you in need of some clever ways to stockpile your bathroom related paraphernalia? Check out the HOMYZE guide to making the most of your bathroom storage with our expert tips and tricks.

Add Drawers

Godmorgon IKEA Bathroom Storage

Godmorgon wash stand by Ikea

While cupboard space is standard practice – the use of drawers in the bathroom is much underused. Consider replacing cupboard space with pull out drawers. These are incredibly useful as items can be better organised and easily accessed.

Old With the New

Antique furniture in Bathroom - Bathroom storage solution

Bring your antiques into the bathroom! 

Moving a piece of furniture into the bathroom from another room in the house may seem a little strange, but do hear us out. Using an antique chest of drawers or cupboard can be a great way to add real character to often a rather sterile bathroom space.

Add Baskets

Geometric wicker basket Zara - Bathroom storage

Red geometric basket by Zara

Wicker baskets look great in a bathroom. Some of our favourites are the geometric designs found in Zara Home. The storage potential is great – collect three in varying sizes to stored towels, laundry or even any nice cosmetics you may want to have close at hand.  

Ladder Shelf

Next ladder shelf - bathroom storage

Bamboo ladder shelf available from Next

A simple ladder shelf is a cheap and quick way to add some extra storage space to a neglected corner of the bathroom. Choose a slender design in white to be on trend without the worry of it dating. Again this makes a great space for towel storage as well as the display of shells or other bathroom objet d’art.

Heated Towel Rack

Richmond heated towel rack - bathroom storage

Richmond heated towel rack available at Homebase

Wrap yourself up in a warm, fluffy towel after your bath courtesy of a heated towel rack. You will be surprised, but having a dedicated place where you know your towels will be dried will encourage you to start hanging them up instead of leaving them slumped on the floor, never to dry.

Floating Shelves

Bathroom floating shelf – bathroom storage

Mirrored floating shelf available at John Lewis

Bathrooms often have a huge amount of wall space that is all too often not utilised half as well as it could be. Floating shelves are easy to install and will add some fantastic storage space for towels, toiletries and any objects you may wish to have on display. An excellent use of space, we say!