How To Transform Your House Without Paint

Repainting a room can be a daunting job, painting the whole house can be a true nightmare if you’re not sure how to do it right. For the DIY lovers, we’ve got a few tips and tricks on how to paint a room like a pro. For the ones that would rather relax and have the job done for them, your Homyze is here to help you and send one of our tradespeople your way!

But no need to fret if you’re not ready to take the big step yet. There are plenty of other ways to redecorate your home without repainting the walls. You can easily and very affordably transform your house without paint, so check out a few of our top tips.

Wall graphics and wallpaper

If you’re not ready to commit to a full painting job, you can refresh your walls with interesting graphics and wallpaper. There is never a shortage of options that you can choose from in terms of wallpaper, so whether you’re interested in flowers and nature or you’d rather have something more geometrical, we’re pretty sure you can find the right pattern.

Wallpaper is easy to apply and easy to remove and it’s one of the top ways to transform a room without painting it. The choices are infinite, from inspirational quotes, intricate geometric designs and nature-inspired designs to funny cartoons for kids and even a blackboard design.

Wall art

A quirky painting or poster can bring a room to life without any additional changes. You can step out of the box and go for some fairy lights or even a sculpture.

But what happens when you’re renting and can’t drill any holes in the walls? You can use removable wall hooks. They are perfect for paintings and mirrors, easy to put on and don’t leave any marks.

Transform Your House Without Paint


If one of your walls seems too empty, adding a mirror can be the perfect detail. It will make the room look bigger and can add more light if placed on the opposite wall of a window.

One of the best tips on how to transform your house without paint is making the walls seems livelier, and mirrors are a great way to do that!

Splash of colour

Don’t worry, when we say a splash of colour we don’t mean any paint at all. Transforming your house without paint can be as easy as buying a few statement items in bright colours.

You can start with something small, such as a bed throw or a few pillows, or you can go all in and buy your dream sofa in a crazy colour. Buying some eye-catching pieces allows you to choose from a new rug, curtains or a few pieces of art. The sky is your limit (or you know, the home store).

Wall Shelves

Shelving is a great way to add dimension to your home. It not only helps you with storage, but it also gives you an opportunity to brighten a room without a touch of paint.

Floating shelves are the best way to add that vertical visual impact to an empty wall. You can display your favourite books or candles, or if you want to store some smaller items, try using some floating cubes with attached doors that can hide anything that might look messy.

Transform Your House Without Paint


No need to paint an entire wall in green, you can bring in colour with some living greenery. And on top of making the room prettier, plants will also get rid of some of those toxins in the air, so it’s a win win.

Bonsais and succulents are pretty trendy right now, but you can turn your green space into a wall art as well! The options are limitless.


These are our top tips on how to transform your house without paint!

Adding small decor details can make an entire house look different, even without changing the wall colour.

Don’t be afraid to play with colours and textures and think bold, bright and original. But as any DIY project, things can get messy if you don’t get everything right. If you need help redecorating or you just want to sit back and relax, contact us here at Homyze and our Pros can help you get your house Pinterest-worthy.