How To Revamp Your Kitchen On A Budget

The family kitchen sees a lot during the day, and with so much going on, the room can often lose its style without you noticing. But fear not, with our simple HOMYZE guide for revamping your kitchen you’ll soon be breathing new life into your tired room with fresh and simple ideas.


A simple repainting job can do wonders for your kitchen, turning a drab and out of date room into one that’s stylish and inviting. When choosing new paints it’s always worth buying those that are specially adapted for kitchens. These paints are water resistant, helping you to avoid the potential stains and damp that comes with day-to-day kitchen living.

If you need some help with painting, your Homyze Pros are here to help you refresh your kitchen. Just ask us how!Farrow and Ball Kitchen Paint - how to revamp your kitchen on a budget

Farrow and Ball offer a range of excellent, low sheen, high performance paints perfect for the kitchen. Photo courtesy of Farrow and Ball.

Update your furniture

If you can afford the expense, replacing tired old furniture can be a great way of altering the kitchen with little effort. Chairs are often a perfect starting point, as they can help set the tone for the rest of the room, bringing in different levels of colour and comfort. If you do lack the money to buy new furniture, try repainting to help bring a new look to your room.

JohnLewis3_EL_12apr12_pr_b - how to revamp your kitchen on a budget

A pop of colour can add personality to any kitchen. Photo courtesy of House and Garden

For those needing a little help with their up-cycling – Annie Sloan’s “Paint Workshop Day” covers the fundamentals and is a great investment for all those in need of a little up-cycling guidance.

Changing the everyday features that are often forgotten can also work wonders. Placing a new rug under your kitchen table can help create a more comfortable tone while helping to give a sense of space in your room. Alternatively, consider buying a new bin and turning it into a valuable part of the kitchen instead of something you try to hide away. There’s plenty of ways to update your kitchen with a minimum effort so just be creative!

Overhaul your lights

The way you use light can completely define how you see your room. Changing lamp shades to something more eye catching can help create a new focal point within your kitchen. Installing lighting above countertops can also help bring new life into a tired space without being too bright and irritating to the eyes.

 - how to revamp your kitchen on a budget

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Refresh your space

Altering your layout by removing old cabinets or relocating the table and chairs can be a relatively cost free and easy way of rejuvenating your kitchen space. Any new space that you’ve managed to free for yourself, will also allow you to bring in new ideas to further update your kitchen. - how to revamp your kitchen on a budget

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Revitalise your fixtures and fittings

Installing new fixtures or fittings, such as taps, utensil railings or even draw handles can make a subtle but effective difference in any kitchen. Whether you’re looking to capture a classic style, or simply make your room more child-friendly, there’s an incredible wealth to choose from. Though it’s always worth working out exactly what you need if on a budget, as buying a variety of pieces can quickly add up.

kohler kitchen sink faucet - how to revamp your kitchen on a budget

Kohler’s range of faucets and accessories can do wonders in revitalising a tired kitchen. Photo courtesy of Kohler.

Reinvigorate your storage

Altering your storage options is a great way of changing round your room and using your space more efficiently on a minimal budget. Removing sturdy cupboards and replacing them with shelves can help an area open up, while at the same time showcasing your chic and stylish kitchenware.

 - how to revamp your kitchen on a budget

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Revamp your tableware

Throwing out your faded and out of fashion tableware is another incredibly simple method of freshening up your kitchen. Especially if you plan on showing them off along newly installed shelving space.

Zara Home tableware - how to revamp your kitchen on a budget

Shop Zara Home’s tableware collection to add some inexpensive glam to your kitchen table. Photo courtesy of Zara Home.

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