Do you know how to find the best handyman services in London?

It goes without saying that just about every home has a half-built piece of flat-pack furniture, a room that needs a new coat of paint, or a garden in dire need of a bit of TLC. And while plans are often made to get these jobs finished, a lack of time or know-how prevents us. However, hiring a handyman to carry out these jobs is often a great idea, but where do you start?

Well, with our helpful Homyze guide, we’ll show you how to find the best handyman services in London as well as all the right questions to ask to ensure you find the right professional for the job.

When is a handyman not a handyman?

What’s actually a handyman?” we hear you ask. Well, a handyman is actually quite a lot of things. If it requires manual skills and without the need for any qualifications, a good handyman should easily be able to help you out. Unfortunately, because it has a somewhat vague definition, anyone with a set of power tools can claim to be a ‘handyman’. Here at Homyze we think of our handymen as closer to builders. This means that they should have problem-solving skills as well just being practitioners.

What does a handyman do?

As we’ve mentioned, a handyman can undertake a variety of jobs around the home no matter how big or small they are. If you’ve ever wondered ‘Who do I hire to do this job?’ the answer, most likely, would be ‘a handyman’.

So whether it’s for a lack of time, know-how, or simply not wanting to, the variety of jobs a handyman can do is fairly wide and includes the following:

A paint roller in use - find the best handyman services in London

– Painting

Whilst often larger decoration works are carried out by a professional painter, a skilled handyman can just as successfully carry out a smaller paint job around the home. Although we do have specialist painters and decorators at Homyze, you will find that most handymen are competent in the preparation and painting of surfaces.

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– Carpentry & Joinery

Another job often done by a professional, but that a handyman can carry out, is carpentry. A decent handyman will possess all the relevant tools and know-how to make a success of any basic carpentry needs around the home. Not all of them can do bespoke furniture or joinery but they should be able to do common woodwork jobs.

why it's better to hire someone to assemble your flatpack - find the best handyman services in London

– Flat pack furniture assembly

The job that everyone hates, flat pack assembly can be a nightmare to do by yourself. We’ve previously highlighted in detail why to hire a handyman for such a job in our 10 Reasons to Hire Someone to Do Your Flat Pack Assembly article (if you don’t want to separate from your partner!).

An example of a stone kitchen floor - find the best handyman services in London

– Flooring and paving

The Homyze handymen have undertaken a degree of flooring and paving works, including specialist finishes such as parquet or driveway paving. More frequently we are brought in to help with things such as sagging or squeaking floorboards and have done more than our fair share of carpeting and tiling as part of larger works.

Handyman laying bricks - find the best handyman services in London

– Odd jobs

From putting back together a broken chair (or bed) to installing and setting up your new flat screen TV, if there’s an odd job around the home that needs doing, you can be certain a handyman will be happy to do the work for you.

What jobs can’t a handyman do?

When it comes to what a handyman can’t do it’s actually quite a straightforward looking list. The key rule here is that if it requires any sort of qualification then your handyman is more than likely not able to help carry out the work for you. Work that requires qualifications include:

– Electrical services

For any electrical work around the home, you will need to hire a skilled electrician. In regards to qualifications, there are a number of different requirements dependant on the work being carried out. However, for general work around the home an NVQ Level 3 diploma(or City & Guilds and NIC/EIC) will indicate that your electrician is sufficiently qualified.

– Gas services

When it comes to any work relating to gas in your home, a gas engineer will need to be called out. A sufficient gas engineer will possess the relevant qualifications of an NVQ or City & Guilds in Gas Installation and Maintenance & Gas Emergency Services Operations as well as a Gas certificate.

– Plumbing

Again, any plumbing work around your home will not be able to be fixed by a handyman, and only a qualified plumber will be able to do so. When hiring a plumber you will want to ensure they have a Level 2/3 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating and a Level 2/3 Diploma in Installing and Maintaining Domestic Heating Systems. Our article on 12 Things to look for in a Plumber offers a great guide for what to look for when hiring.

– Gardening

Whilst you will find a lot of sites offering handymen as gardeners, just because they own a lawnmower and trimmers, here at Homyze we think that gardening is a specialist subject and we only allow those with prior extensive experience to work as gardeners.

Where to find a handyman

Today, finding a handyman has never been easier thanks to the abundance of online directories and customer review sites all promoting handymen. So when it comes to where to look there is a number of options:

– Online platforms

Perhaps the most common way of finding the best handyman services in London nowadays, as well as pretty much everything else, is by simply searching online. There are a number of sites that offer handymen and other tradesman services with straightforward costs and simple hiring method.

Here at Homyze, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality London tradesman. So whether you need a handyman, plumber or electrician, you can quickly book a trusted tradesman through our app, website or by phone.

– Friends and family

Asking friends and family for recommendations is another great way of finding the right handyman as they can offer first-hand experience of the work carried out. However, it’s always worth considering the work you plan on getting done and comparing it with the work your friend or family have had done. While a handyman may be sufficient for one task, this may not be true of other jobs.

– Local paper or shop notice board

The traditional route of searching the newspaper or the local shop’s notice board has become a much less popular option due to the simplicity of searching on the Internet. That’s not to say that it’s an option that should be automatically disregarded. These adverts will very likely be listed by someone local who may simply not be the most computer savvy, and as such, simply prefer the pre-internet days of getting work. If going down this route, don’t forget to ask for references before making your decision.

What to look out when hiring a handyman

When looking to hire a handyman to undertake work around your home, it is the same as for any professional,. Here are a few things that it’s always best to look out for.

– Client references

References from previous clients are a great method of seeing how past employers judge your handyman and the work they carried out. Ask to see a range of references, particularly for work undertaken that is similar to what you need.

– Qualifications

While a handyman doesn’t necessarily require any qualifications to carry out work around your home, hiring one that does possess trade-approved knowledge is more likely to guarantee quality work.

While there are various courses out there for handymen to undertake to improve their skills and knowledge, qualifications approved by City & Guilds are highly respected.

find the best handyman services in London

Questions to ask your handyman

So you think you’ve found the right handyman for the work you need to be done, but what questions should you ask to make certain you’re hiring the right professional for the job?

– Can you provide a quote beforehand?

Getting a quote beforehand is the best way to avoid any awkward questions or unexpected costs after the work has been finished. It’s also worth ensuring that factors like materials costs and overtime are settled ahead of the work taking place.

– Do you have the correct insurance?

Making sure your handyman has the correct insurance is one of the most important questions you can ask when hiring anyone, let alone someone hired to carry work out on your home. Without the right insurance, any damage to your home during the work will not be covered, leaving you with a much larger bill than expected.

– What is your availability?

It’s all well and good laboriously searching for the perfect handyman to fix something within your home, but if they aren’t available, then all your hard work will be for nothing. Always remember to ask for a start date when hiring, as well as an estimated end date for the work in question.

You’ll soon find that the very best tradesman are very much in demand and you may have to wait a while for your desired work to be completed. If it’s not an emergency, it may well be worth hanging on that little bit longer to ensure you get the right handyman for the job.

In summary

Hiring the right professional for a job around the home can seem like a rather time-consuming task with all the places to look and questions to ask. But with the right know-how laid out in our guide, you should be one step closer to finding your perfect handyman.

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