A guide on how to find the best local tradesmen

Hiring tradesmen can often feel like a rather overwhelming and confusing experience and can lead some to just put off finding a tradesperson altogether. And while at times it can be difficult with such an array of professionals out there, it is often simply a means of knowing where and what to look for.

So with our detailed guide on how to find the best approved local tradesmen, you will soon know everything to look out for when planning to get that bathroom painted or the boiler up and running again.


Hiring an approved local tradesman

Local handyman map - how to find the best local tradesmen

When it comes to hiring a tradesman, you will ideally be looking for someone local to you. As not only will a local tradesman know the area better, they’ll more than likely be able to reach you at an earlier date. This can be incredibly helpful, as for example, most tradesmen won’t mind fitting in an extra job at the end of the day if it’s only around the corner.


How to find a tradesman you can trust

Everyone’s heard horror stories of cowboy builders or dodgy tradesmen coming in to do a job and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. So ensuring you don’t fall foul of a shoddy job is one of the most important parts of getting any work done within your home and hiring a trusted tradesman is key to this. When dealing with any tradesman don’t be afraid to ask questions including asking to see previous client references and relevant qualifications. You can also check reliable review sites to see what kind of experience other people have had with a trade professional; for example, here’s the Homyze review profile at reviews.io.


Trustmark logo - how to find the best local tradesmenOne of the simplest ways of guaranteeing how trusted your tradesman is, is with the Government endorsed Trustmark. This scheme allows those looking for a local tradesman to search their register of high-quality tradesmen to carry out the work they require.

Tradesmen that join the scheme must sign up to a strict code of conduct that includes good trading practices, good customer service and technical competence before becoming registered on the not for profit website.

The reviews and expert advice website Which? also offers a database of trusted traders easily found by location. And as the UK’s largest independent consumer organisation, users can be guaranteed to be met with a range of options depending on the work they require doing.

Printed classifieds and listings

While the Internet and its almost limitless possibilities work fine for most, those less tech savvy may prefer a more traditional route. The Yellow Pages and The Phone Book from BT both provide a printed classifieds directory of local tradesmen that can easily be searched by area. Many local off-licenses and newsagents also carry listings for local tradesmen, though these may require a bit of research before hiring.

Friends and family

Asking friends and family for recommendations is also a great way of finding a trusted handyman, as they will be able to offer first-hand experience of the tradesman and the work carried out.

How do I find genuine recommended tradesmen near me?

Approved by Homyze - how to find the best local tradesmenWhen it comes to finding genuine local tradesman the best option is often through a localised directory of tradesman. Websites such as the previously mentioned Trustmark scheme and Homyze, will often list (or offer) fully insured tradesmen by area, allowing you to easily find local professionals.


Why is it important to find an approved tradesperson?

When thinking about how to find the best local tradesmen, there are a lot of important reasons for choosing an approved tradesperson. An approved tradesman will have acted diligently to ensure his reputation is in good stead and will be reliable and hardworking. You are much more likely to get a high quality of workmanship whenever you hire them as they aim to avoid any negative reviews that may hurt future employment.


How do ‘find a tradesperson’ platforms usually work?

These types of platforms usually work in a similar method, gathering together a large number of listed tradesman or inviting tradesman to list themselves. These platforms then allow individuals or companies to quickly and easily search tradesman by various categories such as qualifications, locality, cost and availability. They normally charge their tradespeople for leads or to list.


Do they always find you the best approved local tradespeople?

A large majority of tradesperson platforms promise to only offer the very best local tradespeople and often do. Unfortunately, though, there’s always a few poor tradesmen who manage to slip through the net. However, a good tradesperson platform will listen to customers who have a bad experience and will work hard to remove any tradesman found to be at fault for poor service.


How do Homyze vet tradespeople?

Trusted tradesmen matrix - how to find the best local tradesmenHomyze have set up a proprietary 3 x 3 x 3 matrix for all of our professionals. We are primarily interested in three things (the other components of the matrix relate to how we test these):

1) Are they experts in their field?

2) Are they reliable?

3) Are they committed to delivering the level of service for which Homyze is known?

We know that the buck stops with Homyze for all the work done, and we want to ensure that this is of the highest quality; done on-time (at a time to suit the client); and is an all-round pleasant experience. Is that too much to ask? We don’t think so.

Why are Homyze different?

Homyze Trust logo -how to find the best local tradesmenA commitment to quality and customer service. We know that there are other places that our customers can find tradespeople. We are intent on making sure that there is nowhere BETTER for our customers to find tradespeople, some of them just take names and numbers and pass them onto tradespeople that pay them for these introductions. Some are much more expensive. Some don’t provide any customer service or follow-up. We think Homyze just does the simple things right and that it makes all the difference.

10 questions to ask your tradesman

Can you provide me with two references?

Obtaining references will ensure your tradesman is who they say they are and that they have experience carrying out the work you require.

When was the last time things went wrong and what did you do?

Finding out how your tradesman would react when things go wrong shows you exactly how they are as a professional. If they offer a genuine and upfront answer, and their actions in regards to the incident are levelheaded, then you’ve more than likely found yourself a reliable tradesman.

How long have you been working with your colleagues or company?

Asking how long a tradesman has been working alongside their colleagues will help to give you a picture of their experience. A long-term employee is likely to be knowledgeable and to enjoy their work to have stayed so long with the same colleagues or company.

Are you local?

A local tradesman will much more likely be able to reach your home at an earlier time and with less notice than one who doesn’t live within the local area.

Are you available 24 hours?

Hiring a tradesman who can be available 24 hours can be incredibly useful should you ever need help with a late night emergency such as a burst water pipe.

How long have you been working as a tradesman?

Alongside asking your tradesman how long they have been with their colleagues or company, finding out how long they’ve worked in their role will help build up an idea of their background. An experienced tradesman will be able to carry out most jobs with relative ease and at a quicker rate, giving you more time to enjoy your day.

Are you a member of a trade organisation?

Finding out if your tradesman is a part of a trade organisation is a great way of determining how seriously they take their profession and the standards to which they hold their work. Hiring a tradesman from a trade organisation also gives you a point of contact should the work not live up to your expectations.

Do you have the correct insurance?

Hiring a tradesman without insurance can lead to all manner of problems should something go wrong. Making sure that they do have the correct insurance will help protect you from any unexpected costs if the worse happens.

How long do you estimate the work to take?

Knowing how long the work is estimated to take will allow you to adjust your schedule in advance and avoid any unexpected waiting around for work to be completed.

What are the terms regarding payment?

Finding out your tradesman’s payment terms will help to avoid any awkward incidents regarding money. This will also give you the opportunity to compare prices with other tradesmen, allowing you to get the best deal for the work.


In Summary

When it comes to finding the best approved local tradesman there are obviously a large number of options available from the often-overwhelming choice of the Internet to the more local, traditional tradesman. Hopefully, our detailed guide has shown you how to find the best local tradesmen and the many things to look out for and the questions to ask when hiring a tradesman to fix, build or replace a problem within the home.