How To Hire The Best Gardener In London

It can be easy to ignore your garden, simply letting it overgrow instead of giving it the TLC it deserves. Hiring a gardener can be a great way to really make use of your outside space, allowing you to breathe new life into your garden, whether that’s through a complete redesign or day-to-day upkeep. But how you find the best gardener in London? What should you look for?

The HOMYZE Guide to Hiring a Gardener offers the very best advice on what to look out for when you need help with your garden.

An idea of costs

Before you get any work done in the garden it is important to have a rough idea of how much your gardening work is likely to cost including any material costs that are likely to be ensued. Most gardeners will be able to offer you a rough estimate for simple tasks, but will want to know the area size they’ll be working with.

Where possible, remember to ask for references or links to previous work when obtaining a quote to help get a better idea of the type of gardener you’re hiring. If they are new and lack a decent number of references, consider hiring them for a short, simple job to see how they perform and how confident you feel employing them for further work.

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Unlike with an electrician or plumber, most gardening work can be undertaken without the need for qualifications. Instead, it’s more important to consider whether your gardener has sufficient experience and is physically capable of carrying out the work they are being hired for. If you do want to hire a gardener with qualifications, there are currently a wide variety of courses available including NPTC, NVQ and RHS.

However, the exception to this would be if you’re hiring a gardener that can also carry out the job of a tree surgeon, as it’s safe to say when you’re employing someone to work at heights with a chainsaw, you’ll want them to be fully qualified. There are a number of courses available with the most common qualifications being:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Countryside and Environment
  • Level 2 Diploma in Arboriculture
  • Level 2 Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture

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Ensuring that your tradesperson has the required insurance should be one of the first points you establish, and hiring a gardener is no different. Ask to see proof of your gardener’s Public Liability Insurance to guarantee that any damage caused while working on your property will be sufficiently covered. This is one very important thing you might forget about when thinking how to hire the best gardener.

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Tips for minimising the need for a gardener

When it comes down to minimising the need for a gardener it’s simply a matter of how much time can you afford. Tasks such as mowing the lawn and tending to common garden plants are all fairly straightforward undertakings that only require very basic knowledge. However, it is useful to hire a professional when you might need regular maintenance and more specialist advice regarding suitable planting and care for your garden.  

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From mowing the lawn to a complete redesign, you can always rely on one of our trusted tradesmen to solve the problem. Simply visit HOMYZE online to be connected with a network of London’s most reliable gardeners plus many more fully licensed tradesmen.