Do you know how to grow a container garden?

We know that finding room around the home can be hard to come by, even at the best of times. So when it comes to growing your own fruit and vegetables, a container garden is the perfect answer. Here at HOMYZE, we’ve put together some simple tips and advice to ensure you’ll be growing a variety of delicious fruit and vegetables in no time at all.

Choosing your vegetables

how to grow a container garden

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Deciding on the fruit and vegetables you wish to grow can be a tricky decision, with most able to grow in containers with ease. The RHS Grow Your Own Veg Planner offers a handy seasonal guide to allow you to work out the crops best suited for when the times comes to start planting.


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When it comes to your containers, making sure that they’re deep enough is the most important thing, regardless of whether it’s a plant pot, grow-bag, or household coffee tin. A small container will not provide your fruit and vegetables with the space and nutrients that their roots need. Also make sure your container has enough drainage holes to avoid stagnant water build, a primary cause of rotting roots.


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When it comes to getting the right compost, it can seem like there is too much choice. The best option would be to use a compost grow-in bag or decent multipurpose compost alongside a feed. Creating your own compost using two parts soil to one part rotted organic matter can be a great alternative. But be aware, homemade compost is more susceptible to disease and pests than sterile shop-bought soils.

If still in doubt, your local garden centre or nursery will happily point you in the direction for the compost you need.


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You’ve chosen your fruit or vegetables to grow, gathered your container and compost, and it’s right in the middle of the best season. It looks like it’s time to start planting.

First off, water your compost to ensure it’s soaking before leaving for a few hours regardless of whether you’re planting seeds or the already growing plants.

Knowing which depth to plant your seeds can be confusing, and while each seed is different, most will grow best at half an inch to an inch and a half. While not every seed is guaranteed to grow, so it’s always worth planting that bit extra.

If you’re transferring a fruit or vegetable plant to a new container, always replant it at its previous level. Always make sure to cover any holes or gaps with compost before watering well.

Caring for your vegetables

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Last on our list of how to grow a container garden is care. Once planted, your crops are free to grow but will require a level of aftercare. Regularly checking the soil and watering if too dry is important, but try to avoid water logging. A plant feed or general purpose fertiliser can help with growth but follow all instructions directly.

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