Here at Homyze, we are often asked “How much does it cost to renovate a house?’. Of course, the correct answer is ‘It depends’, but we are typically a fairly helpful bunch, so we tend to start with the more logical question of ‘Well, what are you looking to do and what level of finish do you wish to achieve?’. I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone to hear that it will cost more to dig a double basement than to repaint a living room, so below are a few tools and benchmarks that should provide you with some questions to ask or provide some guidance if you are looking to do some work to your home.

And remember, if you are trying to get an idea of costs for a home you are looking to purchase, you can always use our tool – PriceMeister – which provides you with a budget for the works you specify.

Often, when you ask an estate agent, the quote you will be given (admittedly area-dependant) is between £50 and £150 per square foot. So, for a 1,500 square foot house, that translates to £75,000 to £225,000. That is clearly a lot of money, but what is even worse is the discrepancy between the two amounts … twice the size of the lower estimate!

This is one of the points that Homyze has set out to address, to ensure that people can go into their renovation projects with their eyes wide open and have a better understanding of costs when negotiating with builders.

Real life examples of cost of renovating a house

External works – Front

Exterior works - FrontThe logical place to start is the front of the house. There are a number of tasks that are commonly undertaken in this regard and below you will find a few of the more common ones, as well as the costs and time associated.

In these examples, we have used a house such as the one to the left (a 1,600 square foot terraced house) as the basis for this pricing, so please feel free to increase or decrease based on the size of your property:

Repointing: £5,000
New front windows (wooden): £4,000
New front door (inc. installation): £500
Painting of new front door: £320
New front wall: £600
New front gate: £180
Painting of windows: £550
Painting of rendered surfaces: £600
Scaffolding for above: £2,000:
New front windows (PVC-coated aluminium): £2,200

Interior works – Ground Floor (Front)

Once we have got inside the property, there is perhaps a higher level of variability in terms of the costs for finishes, and it is more dependent on the individual’s choices.

New floor (engineered boards, 60 square metres): £3,000
New floor (carpeted, 60 square metres): £2,400
Painting of hallway (walls and ceilings): £800
Painting of hallway (woodwork): £600
New internal doors (x 3): £800
Painting of living room (walls and ceilings): £650
Painting of woodwork (door frames, doors, skirting, cornicing): £800
Joinery units (basic shelves to sides of fireplace, inc. painting): £1,400
Joinery units (high end shelves and cupboards): £6,000
Installation of new downlights (x 20): £400
Installation of wall lights (x 4): £400
Creation of opening in living room: £1,100
New utility room (laundry with toilet, inc. appliances and sanitaryware): £1,800
Plastering of all walls: £2,000

Interior works – Ground Floor (Rear)

Kitchen by Homyze

Here again, there is a high degree of personal choice reflected in the price (and time) for various aspects of the sample works, so we have given some guidance on the costs in brackets. Some things, such as a kitchen warrant further breaking out, and to get some further information and inspiration check out the Homyze How-To Guide for Kitchen Extensions. The image to the left represents what we would classify as a ‘medium’ level of finish and if you are looking for something similar check out British Standard as an example:

Tiling of kitchen floor (25 square metres): £1,250
New kitchen (basic, inc. appliances): £6,500
New kitchen (medium, inc. appliances): £11,500
New kitchen (high-end, inc. appliances): £24,000
Creation of opening at rear for glass sliding doors: £1,000
Glass sliding doors (full-width): £2,200
Creation of side return (skylights to ceiling): £9,500
Painting of kitchen (walls and ceilings): £600
Plastering of walls: £1,400

External works – Rear

A Rear Garden by HomyzeLondon gardens are typically not very large but often require a higher degree of curating and crafting to get the usable space you are looking for. Whether this be the formation of garden beds, hard landscaping such as paving stones or decking or even a water feature such as the one to the left, it pays to make every inch count. And if, like me, looking at garden on the left reminds you that you need to give your garden a little love, you can always book a Homyze gardener via the site:

Removing of lawn and plants to allow for turf and stones (40 square metres): £800
New turf (or artificial grass) lawn (20 square metres): £950
Plants for garden: £600
Laying of stone (20 square metres): £900
Drainage: £350
New fence (3-sides): £1,950

Internal works – First floor

A Bedroom by HomyzeNormally the primary sleeping level for houses such as these, the first floor envisaged in the budgets below has a master and two further bedrooms, a family bathroom and an ensuite bathroom off the master bedroom.

As with our other disclaimers, your level of finish will dictate the costs incurred but if you are looking for the most inexpensive way of giving your room a re-fresh book a Homyze painter on the site. It can make your room feel like new without the pain and price of a full refurbishment. For inspiration, we love a flick through a Farrow & Ball or Dulux colour chart!

Removal and laying of wooden floors to hallway (20 square metres): £1,250
Removal and laying of carpet to bedrooms (40 square metres): £1,600
New en-suite bathroom (inc. sanitaryware): £2,650
New family bathroom (inc. sanitaryware): £3,100
Painting of walls and ceilings to hallway and rooms: £1,400
Painting of woodwork to entire floor: £1,200
New downlights to bedrooms and bathrooms (x30): £600
Creation of built-in wardrobes to master (basic): £1,800
Creation of built-in wardrobes to secondary bedrooms (basic): £1,100
New radiators: £800
Plastering to walls: £1,150

Top Floor – Loft Conversion

A London Loft‘Going into the loft’ is a frequently utilised way of getting some more space in your home. A lot of the terraced houses had large voids within the roof space and with a little bit of building work can provide enough room for a parents’ retreat, kids’ play room or spare bedroom for friends or family. With a little bit of thinking you can also often squeeze in a bathroom to make it like a little hotel suite.

Structural works to roof: £3,250
Roof: £3,800
Dormer window: £875
Continuation of staircase: £1,200
Installation of bathroom: £3,550
Drylining and plastering £5,000
Painting of walls and ceiling: £1,000
Carpet to room: £900
Painting of woodwork (doors, frames, etc.): £450

‘Hidden’ Costs – Housewide

Whilst these costs are unlikely to be hidden from you by the contractor, they are not immediately evident in that they are often hidden behind walls or buried under floors. Although, as you can see, they are definitely not an insignificant amount of money, you can take some comfort from the fact that your choices and desires are less likely to have a significant effect on the costs. Just don’t skimp on the spec – although they are not on view, they are like the heart and arteries of your home so you want to make sure they are up to the job. For more details on, for example boilers, check out the Homyze Guide to Boilers

Underfloor heating: £1,100
New boiler: £2,000
Rewiring of electrics: £6,800
Amendments to pipework: £2,400
Rubbish removal: £3,600
Incoming service upgrades £7,000

Overall Costs

So, as you can see this works out to approximately £150,000 (£95 per square foot). However, please bear in mind that this does not include profits for the contractor, which are normally around 5 – 10%, nor does it include any specifics such as parking suspensions or traffic management plans. Please bear in mind that this should be used as a guide only, and that you should always enter a project with a contingency amount in place (normally around 10%). We hope at least you can play with some of the figures to see what it will cost to get your dream home and if we can help in any here at Homyze, just give us a call or send us an email.