There’s truly no greater experience than the arrival of a newborn child and the many magical moments that invariably follow. However, with all that bringing a new life into the world involves, simple things can often go forgotten, and making sure your home is fully prepared (baby proof!) is often one of them.

All of the below are easy for you to do on a DIY basis. Of course, if you need any help you can always hire a Homyze handyman to help you with anything more challenging.

Identify Problem Areas

There’s a good chance that your home will have a number of areas that may be of issue for a newborn, some of which you’ve probably not even considered.

Carrying out a full safety examination of your house before your newborn arrives will help identify any such areas.

Toilet and kitchen products kept in low cupboards are easily accessible to curious children, while the sharp edges of tables and dangling cords from blinds and curtains can also present dangers. Addressing hazards such as these will help prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening within your home.


Alongside your newborn, it’s likely you will also be bringing in a number of new contraptions into your home to help make being a parent that little bit easier.

These will obviously all take up space, something that the majority of us seem to lack within our homes nowadays. Storing away non-essentials from the kitchen counter and cleaning out drawers will help free up some much-needed space, while also helping to prevent any unwanted little hands getting a hold of them too.

Prepare for Guests

Folded towelsIt’s not just the newborn that you will likely have to prepare for as there’s sure to be plenty of comings-and- goings of family and friends over the first few months.

Whether it’s quickly popping by to say hello or camping out in the spare room to help out with the multitude of tasks you are now faced with, having everything you need for visitors can be a real help. Gather together toiletries alongside clean sheets and other bedding to ensure there’s one less thing to worry about when hosting guests.

Stock up

Filling your fridge and cupboards with essentials beforehand will also go a long way to avoiding those dashed, last-minute rushes to the shops when you find out you’re missing that all-important item for dinner.


Dog and babyIt’s not just you that will be getting used to a new life within the home; if you have pets a new arrival can often be quite an adjustment to them too. The attention once devoted to your pets is likely to decrease with the arrival of your newborn, so ensuring they are still thoroughly taken care of and entertained is key. Hiring a walker for your dog can be a great way of getting your pet exercised while also freeing up a little extra time.

Keeping your pet and newborn in separate rooms when unsupervised, such as when sleeping, is also highly recommended. A stair gate can be an excellent way of keeping your pets contained, while a cat net over your newborn’s cot will also stop your feline friends from getting too curious. Introducing these new additions before the arrival of your baby will also help with your pet’s adjustments to the new changes in your lives.

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