Selling your home can be an incredibly stressful time. Whether it is by auction or agent, the process can seem interminable.

In an ideal situation, the house will sell quickly, at or above your asking price and you can either move on, move away, downsize or upgrade … whatever it was that prompted the sale in the first place.

Given the amounts of money involved, it makes sense to maximise your chances of selling quickly and for a good price. We asked some of the agents with whom we work on just what it is that sells a home and we give you some tips on how to best present your property.

1. Give Buyers What They Want

Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this. Some buyers want a project, some buyers want something where all they need to bring is their toothbrush. Have a think about who your likely buyers are when asking this question. Are you selling a family home? A bachelor pad? A high-end pied a terre? These markets all want slightly different things, but have one thing in common: buyers want to be able to envision themselves living there. If you have the budget, the ideal would be to have your home professionally styled, but if this is not an option, just make sure that there’s not ‘too much of you’ on show. You want the buyers to be thinking that this could be their home, not that it is yours. Try to keep colours and furnishings neutral, de-clutter as much as possible and spend some time to make sure things are clean and tidy. If there are any issues such as water staining (or kids’ hand prints!) or lights that don’t work get these fixed before you have buyers through the property. It may sound crazy that such small things can disrupt a sale but it has happened before!

2. Make Your Property ‘Best in Class’

Best in Class

As per the above, buyers look for different things in their potential property purchase. If you have a studio in the middle of the city, you are not likely to be competing for buyers’ attention against a house for sale in the suburbs. What you want to make sure is that for buyers looking at similar properties to yours, you represent the best option possible. This starts before you even have buyers through the door. “Marketing is key” says one of our agents at McGrath. You want to cast the net as wide as possible to ensure you are seen by the maximum number of buyers. First stop is normally the portals, such as Rightmove, Domain, PrimeLocation and Make sure you are happy with the photos. This is the first thing a potential buyer will see!

You also need to ensure that you are priced competitively … if the price looks unrealistic, buyers will not even bother to come ad have a look.

3. Work With The Best (At Selling)

Selling property is still mostly a local game. There are normally a few agents (or agencies) that are most active in a particular market. Even before you start the marketing of your home, have a look at who has sold other homes in the area. There are a number of ways in which you can find out who has achieved sales in the area. In the UK, companies such as Get Agent allow you to compare different agents and in Australia, Open Agent provides the same service. In a best case scenario, the agents may already have your buyer on their books and so you can have a price with which you are happy without the need for a stressful sales campaign. They should also be able to advise you on things that you may have otherwise missed. At the very least, “your agent should be able to organise for your home to be styled, or at least recommend a stylist, and then build a really robust marketing campaign around your property”, says one of our agents.

4. Make Yourself Scarce

Agent selling a homeIt may seem logical that no-one knows your home like you, and that therefore you are best-placed to tell any buyers about the joys of living there. However, as above, the idea is for buyers to imagine themselves in the property. That is much harder to do if they still have the presence of the current owner in the property. For the same reason as making sure that you remove as many ‘personal artefacts’ as possible, do everything you can to not be in the home when prospective buyers are having a viewing.

Let them wander around, spend some time in the property, open doors without being nervous about what they may find on the other side. It all helps in getting them into the mindset of buying, and living in, your home.

5. Emphasise Your Strengths, De-Emphasise Any Weaknesses

You know best about what it is that makes your home truly special. If you have an amazing garden that looks its best in Spring, make sure it looks tidy and ideally out your home on the market in this season to increase its chances of selling quickly. Similarly, if your sunroom catches the morning sun ‘in just such a way’, try and encourage viewings around this time of day.

On the other hand, no home is perfect. You will know what your least favourite things are about your home and its location. Perhaps it backs onto a school and is very noisy during lunch and play times. Or perhaps your road becomes a ‘cut through’ for people on their morning commute. Whatever it is, do what you can to avoid bringing it to attention by for example pushing for viewings and inspections at a particular time of day.

We are definitely not suggesting you do anything to deceive, and when it comes to property maintenance or refurbishment works, Homyze will only ever consider implementing a robust solution to a problem.


We understand how stressful selling your home can be. But your home is usually your most valuable asset and so you want to do everything you can to ensure you get a good price and that the process does not endure for any longer that is necessary tp achieve this outcome.

Above are the key points for how to ensure that this happens. Of course, not everyone can (or wants to) do these works themselves. If you need any help with these or any other property maintenance and home improvement related matters, just get in touch.

Good Luck and Happy Home Selling!