Don’t get sprung by Spring – Your Garden Prep Guide for what to do in Winter

On the back of last week’s weather, Spring does not seem to be around the corner, but it will be here before we know it (if not before we want it!). So what can you do in preparation? Your Homyze are here to give you those spring gardening tips you need!

  • Clean out litter and dead plant material from beds
  • Give your tools some TLC
  • Show your soil a little love
  • Plan your planting

So, here we go with the Homyze Pre-Spring Gardening Prep Guide.

Where did all my green go?

Gardener_1 - spring garden prep guideFor most of us, Winter waves goodbye to a lot of our greenery. And whilst Winter is not when our gardens are at their greatest, they are a time for us to take stock, get back to basics and lay some foundations for future foliage.

So, the first thing to do when preparing your garden for spring planting is to take advantage of the lack of leaves to cut back and clean up. During the warmer months, a lot of leaves and rubbish accumulate behind the surface coverage and don’t see daylight until our frosty friend arrives.

So, whether it be broken branches, fallen leaves – or for those of us living in more urban locations – even crisp packets and plastic bags, this is the time to ensure that your dirt is clean and clear (if you know what we mean!). It’s best to do this well in advance of Spring, as the closer you get to this time, the closer to the surface the new bulbs will be, and you could damage them when walking on your garden beds. And it won’t actually be that long before we start to see them poking their heads above the surface … daffodils any day now!

In addition to the branches that have already found their way to the ground, you also want to take off the ones that are dead but still attached. You don’t often get a chance to change the course of destiny but this is it … shape those small trees and plants for a fulsome figure later in the year.

TLC for Your Tools

Garden_tools - spring garden prep guideThis time of year can also be used to prep your tools for their tasks. We don’t expect you to polish your trowel until you can see your reflection in it. But it is worth making sure that for example, your secateurs are clear of nicks and dirt as these need to be sharp for a good clean cut on your plants. While getting your garden ready for spring planting, you also might want to consider oiling the wooden handles of your tools. The cold can be harsh on them, and we don’t imagine you are bringing them into the heated comfort of your home. Oiling them will stop them from splintering or cracking when they are called upon to get back to work.

Show Your Soil a Little Love

Gardener_2 - spring garden prep guideBefore you bed down any new plants, you want to set the mood. That doesn’t mean lighting candles and putting on some Barry White. Start by turning over the soil with a fork and getting rid of any weeds that may have made their unwelcome home there. If you have some of your own fresh compost, now is the time to put it down, otherwise you can use store-bought compost or manure and integrate it into the existing soil. Make sure you do this a few weeks before you are looking to plant so that the soil and compost have had time to form a relationship and won’t damage the delicate roots of your new plants.

Get Creative

garden - spring garden prep guideNow is the time to think about what you might lie to do with those beds. Whether it is the formal geometry of an urban garden or the freeform of wildflowers, have a think about what you want from your garden and which plants will work within your space. Homebase have a number of guides on their plant advice page so start there to get your creative juices flowing.

If you want the glorious benefits of a garden but don’t have the time or inclination for installation or upkeep, then contact us at Homyze. We have a network of qualified gardeners who can help within everything from design to dead-heading. And for plenty of plants, have a wander around your local garden centre for some inspiration. Your Homyze’ favourites are Petersham NurseriesClifton Nurseries, the Ally Pally Garden CentreCroxted Road Garden Centre or Shoot Gardening if you need some advice or guides.

Just don’t wait until Spring has sprung to get started on that spring gardening checklist! See how we can help you with preparing your garden for spring.