Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

About this time every year, we question our living in the Northern Hemisphere. As Facebook feeds fill with photos of our friends escaping to some winter sun, it might seem tempting to submit to this temptation.

Be strong, my HOMYZE, and get in touch with your Scandinavian-self. Time to bring some nordic-inspired decorating ideas into your home!

If anyone knows how to deal with temperature lows, it has to be our Nordic neighbours. And the simple fact is that they make it look good … not just effortless, but stylish as well. So here are some top Scandinavian interior design ideas on how to create your perfect Scandi space.

Rock Some fur

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas


Many a Mayfair flat has been felled by fur. Sometimes it works, and well …. sometimes, it doesn’t. Forget the single cushion on a sofa and instead drape it over the chair (including the seat). It’s like eating in an ugg boot. More comfortable than you could imagine, and in case the heating isn’t quite turned up to your liking, then useful as well.

The White Delight

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas


With the days short and the light a little weaker, there is a good reason to give rooms a little white lift. Paired with natural materials, stripped wood, and a little greenery it is the perfect pick me up. Just holler at your HOMYZE if you want a winter whitewash … it’s a little bit of beach house and a lot of light to boot.

Got Wood?

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas


Not one for the faint of heart, or heavy of hand, a little wood goes a long way. But if you can stay this side of the sauna (or ski chalet), teamed with some sharp edges and contrasting materials (concrete is a HOMYZE favourite) it gives your home a warmth like almost no other material.

Your Prickly Friend

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas


The HOMYZE office is now a veritable oasis thanks to the addition of greenery. And for those with more manicured fingers than green thumbs, the cactus makes a perfect choice. Requiring minimal upkeep and ecologically efficient, they are the gift that keeps on giving. Stop in at one of the most famous Swedish exports (hint: it rhymes with IDEA!) and stock up.

So, let’s do this together … it’s time to take over the Instagrams and Pinterests with some winter winning. Scandi style.

And if you need inspiration, you could definitely do a lot worse than a small Scandi-sojourn. Your HOMYZE were lucky enough to be in Copenhagen recently, and we can see what all the food fuss is about. Foraged or pickled, organic and otherwise … as if you needed another reason to go.