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Homyze How-to Guide for Kitchen Extensions

Where to begin?

Conventional wisdom is that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And it is easy to understand why: this is where you have friends over for dinner; where you have drinks before you go out; where you feed the children; where your kids (hopefully) feed themselves.

Having the kitchen as the heart of the home makes sense. After all, the heart is what essentially keeps you going, and it needs sustenance to continue!

The role of the kitchen has changed considerably over the years, and in the modern world of endless choice, it can be difficult to know what you should consider, and how much you need to spend.

The Basics

There are a number of things to consider when looking to do some work to your kitchen. It is generally considered to be the most complex (and expensive) room in the house to renovate. We would often look at kitchens forming around 5 - 10% of your total renovation budget for a house-wide renovation. Installing or upgrading kitchens will also typically require the services of a range of tradespeople, from plumbers and electricians through to gas fitters and carpenters. We never want to discourage people from doing work themselves... indeed this is one of the reasons why we publish content on renovation, but kitchens are a difficulty rating of 6.0.

There are generally three ways to undertake a kitchen RENOVATION:

Renovation Choices
  • Custom design and installation
  • Pre-fab kitchen with professional installation
  • Pre-fab kitchen with DIY installation

Quality Control: Help from your HOMYZE

What sets apart a quality kitchen is often something that is not apparent on the surface, and that is the durability and construction of the cabinetry. From the quality of wood to the craftsmanship of the joints and hinges, decisions made here can lead to serious differences in outcome. Most door hinges look very much alike on Day 1, but the cheap ones reveal themselves down the line when the doors start to sag and bend under even the daintiest of loads.

What do I want the space to look like?

Kitchen Design Options
  1. Galley: One Wall
  2. Galley: Two Walls
  3. L-Shape
  4. U-Shape
  5. Island
  6. Open Plan

Want to find out more about everything above to make sure you get the kitchen you're looking for? Click here to download the full PDF!

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